Grid Style Acoustic Foam Panels - Acoustic Foam Room Kits

Grid Style Acoustic Foam Panels - Acoustic Foam Room Kits

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These panels are designed for absorbing mid to high range frequencies. Panels alone will help eliminate echoes and lower the overall reverberation time in your room. 

Each grid set contains 1 male and 1 female piece:

2"x66"x43" female

2"x69"x45" male 

Bass traps add extra absorption in the low end. The bundles including bass traps will provide your room with full frequency absorption.  Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Ratings:

nrc ratings for acoustic foam grid style


Bundle Options

# Of Grid Pieces # Of Bass Traps Frequencies


Bundle 1 2 0 mid-high 41 sq ft
Bundle 2 2 4 full spectrum 57 sq ft

Bundle 3

4 0 mid-high  82 sq ft

Bundle 4

4 8 full spectrum 114 sq ft


    Use our Room Calculator to find your square footage needs!

    Benefits Of Acoustic Foam

    Decrease Reverberation Time! Studio foam panels are great for dampening the overall sound in a room and lowering the reverb time!

    Eliminate First Reflections! Using acoustic panels to spot treat reflection points will get rid of first reflection echoes and provide crisp sound!

    Get Professional Quality Sound! Our acoustic foam is formulated specifically for sound absorption and to reduce the overall noise in a room!

    Class A Fire Rating! Class-A Fire Retardant. Our acoustic foam received a Class A (Self Extinguishing) rating for ASTM E 84.

    Made In The USA! We are a small business and our soundproofing foam panels are proudly made in the USA! 

    Room Test Before And After Treatment:

    test showing results from acoustic foam treatment in a room. The reverberation time was lowered because of the sound dampening treatment installed in the room

      Shipping Info

      sound proofing acoustic studio foam shipping rates

      Order Process:

      SoundAssured Acoustic Foam Order Process

      Please allow 3-10 business days for us to cut and prepare your orders before shipping. As always, we will try to get them out ASAP. If you have a deadline please contact us and let us know before placing your order. 


      We suggest our Acoustic Foam Adhesive Square 24 Pack. You can also use 3M General Purpose 45 Adhesive Spray, push pins, strong double sided tape, Liquid Nails, or 3M Command Strips, (not included).


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      Additional Info

      Take your sound to the next level with SoundAssured! We are dedicated to integrity and promise to deliver quality products and the best customer service!


      Acoustic Foam FAQ


      Please contact us with any questions at all. We are glad to help :)


      Not sure how much foam you need? 


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      *Due to the soft nature of acoustic foam the CNC cutting machine has a size tolerance of + or - 0.25 inches