How To Get Acoustic Foam To Expand When It Comes Compressed

Why is acoustic foam compressed for shipment?

Some of our acoustic foam products will be compressed prior to shipment to save on freight cost in order for us to provide you a better price. Our foam formula has been tested to ensure that the foam will expand back to life once you receive the package and open the foam. 

Our white acoustic foam cannot be compressed for shipment because it will not expand back to normal like the other thirteen colors we offer. This is one of the reasons that our white foam is more expensive. 

What is the best way to expand acoustic foam?

The best way to get acoustic foam to expand is to open the plastic and let air into the package. Then, wait for the foam to expand a little bit (around 5-10 minutes).

Once the foam is no longer flat and has expanded to about twice the size you can start to separate the stacks of foam to give the foam some more room to expand back to the original shape. 

Let the foam expand for a full 24 to 48 hours prior to installation. 

Cold can cause the foam to expand slower. Try to avoid temperatures below freezing like a cold garage in the winter time. This will increase the expansion time substantially. If you cannot avoid a cold garage or basement then a space heater would help. 

Do not use water to expand the foam!

We hear from people all the time who have watched a video on Youtube saying to use water to get the foam to expand quickly. The problem here is the foam is open cell so if water gets up into the bubbles in the foam and does not evaporate, then you could have mold! Nobody wants to deal with mold or mildew toxins so please avoid water! The foam will expand just fine on its own.

Many of the cheap acoustic foam options out there are vacuum packed overseas and shipped to the US already compressed. No wonder folks are looking for clever ways to get foam to expand, because it's not meant to be compressed for months!

Our foam is compressed right before shipment, and will only stay compressed a short time during transit. Our process ensures you receive a quality product that you can trust!


I hope this info was helpful. If you have any questions at all please contact us! We are glad to help!  



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