• 🔊 Professional Sound Quality

    Our acoustic panels are crafted to enhance sound clarity, eliminating muddiness and bringing out the detail in every note.

  • 👂 Preserve Your Ears

    Get rid of unwanted noise and create a space that you love. Our acoustic solutions ensure crisp sound in any space.

  • 🤩 Transform Your Space

    Experience unparalleled sound quality with our premium products, designed for crystal-clear audio in every environment.

❓ Need Help ❓

Not sure where what you need? No worries! One of our acoustic pros will help you get the sound you want!

White Glove Service

Acoustic Designs & Blueprints

Let us craft your dream space with tailored acoustics for the perfect fusion of form and function.

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Go Green ♻️

Stylish Hexagon Panels

  • Eliminate echoes and noise with ease
  • Easy peel and stick install
  • Made with recycled polyester material
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Crisp, Clean, Controlled

White Acoustic Foam

Exceptional sound dampening in brilliant white! Thanks to Enderprize for the pic inside his streaming studio.

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SoundAssured Acoustic Fabric - Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Beige, And White

Dual Layer Technology

Acoustical Fabric

Elevate your interiors with our versatile acoustic fabric, ideal for DIY panels and stylish wall coverings.

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Enhance Sound Clarity

Acoustic Diffusers

Designed to scatter sound waves for a balanced and immersive audio experience. Sense & Sound Studio Design successfully utilized our PVC diffusers to optimize the acoustics of a control room ceiling.

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Corner Bass Traps Installed Inside Of A Rehearsal Studio - Music Range Denver CO

Tame Bass Effortlessly

Bass Traps

Use our durable acoustic foam bass traps in the corners of your room like The Music Range in Denver to effectively absorb low frequencies and eliminate standing waves in your rehearsal studio.

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Pyramid Acoustic Foam For Sale

Eliminate echo + lower reverberation!

  • Recording Studios

    Elevate your recordings with our professional-grade acoustic treatments, perfect for studios and home setups. Pic from Mixed By Lex.

  • Commercial Spaces

    Revitalize commercial spaces with our effective acoustic treatments, enhancing productivity and customer experience. Photo thanks to Locus Arquitectos.

  • Vocal Recordings

    Ensuring crystal-clear audio quality and professional-grade recordings. Professoar's vocal booth shown here.

  • Streaming

    Upgrade your streaming setup like the Sneaky Beagle. Provide top-notch audio quality for an immersive and professional streaming experience.

  • Home Theaters

    Achieve a cinematic experience by eliminating echoes and optimizing sound. Justin's basement home theater room shown here.

  • polyethyline soundproofing layer - charcoal color


    Achieve peace and quiet with our effective soundproofing solutions, expertly designed to reduce noise transfer and create a serene environment in any space.



How do I know what I need?

A free room analysis is highly recommended.

To determine the right acoustic treatments for your space, start by assessing the specific sound issues you're facing, such as echoes, reverb, or overall poor sound quality. Consider factors like room size, surface materials, and the main use of the space (e.g., recording, listening, living area). Each factor influences the type and placement of acoustic treatments needed, like panels, bass traps, or diffusers.

For more information and tips on acoustic treatments, check out our blog section.

How much do treatments cost?

The cost ranges for each product. We are a small family business and do not price gouge like big corporations. Many affordable options are available, and the investment often pays off by mitigating the need for future upgrades.

How much is shipping?

FREE shipping on order over $100. Only a small fee for orders under $100.

Shipping cost based on order value:

  • $0-5 = $3 shipping
  • $5-25 = $5 shipping
  • $25-50 = $8 shipping
  • $50-100 = $10 shipping
  • $100 + FREE SHIPPING

How are treatments installed?

Our acoustic treatments include easy-to-follow installation videos and simple DIY options, featuring modular designs for quick and effortless setup.

How effective are the products?

Our products are scientifically tested and proven to improve sound quality. Customer testimonials, 3rd party lab tests and case studies can demonstrate the effectiveness in similar settings to yours. Our product pages contain test results so you can see exactly how sound will react to the treatments.

Customer Installations

SoundAssured Customer Installation Pictures - Acoustic Treatments Installed In Various Locations