Expert Acoustic Solutions

Struggling with sound? We've got your answer. Since 2016, SoundAssured has led the industry in acoustics for homes, offices, and beyond. We can't wait to help you upgrade your sound!

Build Your Own Bundle

Mix and match! Combine multiple treatments to tailor your acoustic solution and unlock bundle discounts.

  • Recording Studios

    Elevate your recordings with our professional-grade acoustic treatments, perfect for studios and home setups. Pic from Mixed By Lex.

  • Commercial Spaces

    Revitalize commercial spaces with our effective acoustic treatments, enhancing productivity and customer experience. Photo thanks to Locus Arquitectos.

  • Vocal Recordings

    Ensuring crystal-clear audio quality and professional-grade recordings. Professoar's vocal booth shown here.

  • Streaming

    Upgrade your streaming setup like the Sneaky Beagle. Provide top-notch audio quality for an immersive and professional streaming experience.

  • Home Theaters

    Achieve a cinematic experience by eliminating echoes and optimizing sound. Justin's basement home theater room shown here.

  • polyethyline soundproofing layer - charcoal color


    Achieve peace and quiet with our effective soundproofing solutions, expertly designed to reduce noise transfer and create a serene environment in any space.


Acoustic Design & Blueprint Services

Let us craft your dream space with tailored acoustics for the perfect fusion of form and function.

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Stylish Hexagon Panels

  • Made with recycled polyester material
  • Easy peel and stick install
  • Available in 12 colors
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White Acoustic Foam

High sound dampening! Our white foam does not turn yellow like the cheap stuff! Thanks to Enderprize for the pic inside his streaming studio.

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black acoustical fabric for DIY acoustic panels - acoustically transparent fabric

Acoustical Fabric

Upgrade your space with our acoustic fabric—perfect for elevating sound quality while adding a touch of style.

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Acoustic Diffusers

Unlike acoustic foam that is designed to absorb sound waves, acoustic diffusers are designed to scatter sound waves. Sense & Sound Studio Design used our PVC diffusers on the ceiling of this control room.

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Wood Accoustic Diffusers

acoustic foam bass traps 12 different colors, blue, yellow, orange, brown, purple, kelly green, rosy beige, red, teal, burgundy, plum, forest green

Bass Traps Available In 13 Colors

Place these durable acoustic foam bass traps in your room's corners to absorb low-frequency sound waves, reducing bass and eliminating standing waves.

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Pop Filters

If you are recording vocals, pop filters are essential! Stop spit from getting on your precious mic, and eliminate nasty pops and hisses from your recordings!

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Bulk Acoustic Foam For Sale

case study

Vocal Booth

Professoar turned his walk in closet into a vocal booth and was cool enough to do some balloon pop tests for us. Check out the amazing results!