SoundAssured provides high quality acoustic foam at great prices!

New Hexagon Panels!

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White Acoustic Foam!

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three inch thick white acoustic foam wedges

Acoustic Diffusers

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Wood Diffusers

SoundAssured at The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!

Our acoustic foam wedges displayed at the Play It Loud exhibit!

Early Reflections

Real Customer Reviews

5/5 Stars


"Works out really great for my gaming room with home theatre setup. It dramatically reduced the sound going to other room and provided a very optimal gaming experience for me while not bothering other members in my family. Amazing customer services as well. Answered all of my questions with patience and professional knowledge."

By Bingchen Sun

5/5 Stars


"I was Very pleased with the quality of this product. It worked great for the purpose I used it, was easy to install and looks great. Being a resident of a small community noise is always a problem, and I can sit in my studio and know that even if a neighbor is enjoying their garden, I can close my door, crank up the volume and cut a track while bothering no one."

By J. W. Olenjack

5/5 Stars


"Really helped tone down the echo in our music room. I also like that there were clear instructions on where to place them for maximum effect. Great product. Highly recommended."

By Lilly

5/5 Stars


"Used the panels to create a table-top recording studio and these panels worked great. Thanks to the instructions that the company emailed me after I purchased the panels, it was an easy job to cut and mount the panels. I'll definitely come back to SoundAssured if I build another studio."

By Aki A Kiriyama


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About Us

SoundAssured is a small company started by a lifelong musician with the goal to provide affordable and easy to install acoustic solutions. Our growing acoustic foam line started in 2016 and we plan on releasing more products in the years to come. Customer service is our number one priority! We promise never to sell you something you do not need and always give the best advice. Please contact us if you have any questions at all. (Photo: owners Phil and Jess)

Soundproofing Vs. Sound Absorbing

What's the difference?

Acoustic foam is often called “soundproofing foam” or “soundproof panels”. This is very common even among musicians and in acoustics class chats. However, acoustic foam does not soundproof. Read our blog to learn more!

acoustic foam bass traps 12 different colors, blue, yellow, orange, brown, purple, kelly green, rosy beige, red, teal, burgundy, plum, forest green

Bass Traps Available In 13 Colors!

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Pop Filters

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Grid Style Panels + Room Kits

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case study

Vocal Booth

Professoar turned his walk in closet into a vocal booth and was cool enough to do some balloon pop tests for us. Check out the amazing results!

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