Wood Acoustic Diffuser - Wooden Acoustic Diffusion Panel - 60 x 60 cm

Wood Acoustic Diffuser - Wooden Acoustic Diffusion Panel - 60 x 60 cm

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Solid wood construction! 60cm x 60cm at base (23.6 inches). Z clip mounting hardware is included for easy installation! Crafted with Paulownia wood. Excellent diffusion as well as decorative and aesthetic properties!

Decrease echoes! Sound diffusers are used to treat echoes and reflections. Unlike acoustic foam panels that are designed to absorb sound waves at different frequencies, acoustic diffusers are designed to scatter sound waves.

Get professional quality sound! Our acoustic panels are made for sound diffusion, not sound absorption. Absorption panels will have a dampening effect while diffusion panels will maintain a more lively sound. These diffusers are used for high frequency diffusion. Diffusers are often used in combination with sound absorbing panels and bass traps in order to get the desired sound in your room.

Easy to install! These wood acoustic diffusers can be mounted with ease using the Z clips that are included with each diffusion panel! A drill is required for installation. Installation accessories included in each package (4 pcs Z clips and 8 pcs screws).


BIGTEDDY - 6" French Cleat Picture Installing Diffuser

Acoustic diffusers are most effective when placed at the reflection points in your room. For a recording studio the most common reflection points for diffuser placement are at the back wall or on the ceiling between the listening position and the sound source.

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