What Is Acoustic Foam Made Of ?

acoustic foam wedges open cell made of open cell polyurethane foam

Our acoustic foam is made of open cell polyurethane foam. The foam comes in huge blocks called buns and is cut to size and shape by various cutting machines.

Acoustic foam is a specialty foam with a medium feel. The foam is specifically formulated for its sound absorbing qualities.

Some uses for acoustic foam are sound deadening, echo reduction, noise treatment and decoration (arts & crafts).

The foam is available in multiple colors and thicknesses to suit your needs. The standard lifespan for acoustic foam is about ten years.

Acoustic Foam Properties:

  • Density (LB/Cubic Ft.) = 1.2
  • 25% ILD (LB) = 45
  • Support Factor (65%/25% Min.) = 1.90
  • Tensile (PSI) Min. = 13.0
  • Elongation (%) Min. = 200
  • Tear (PPI) Min. = 1.30
  • Resiliency (%) Min. = 35
  • Fire Retardant = Pass Class A (Self Extinguishing)*
  • Class A (Self Extinguishing) = Yes, Contains NO PBDEs*

Please check your local building codes before installing our acoustic foam.

Note that there may be tiny air bubbles in the foam that cannot be controlled. We do look carefully for very big ones and keep them as seconds but you may notice some small ones.

*Includes all colors except white. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about your project. We are happy to help!


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