Is Acoustic Foam Fire Retardant ?

is acoustic foam fire retardant ?

Our acoustic foam has been tested is fire retardant for safety purposes. The acoustic foam is under Class A according to ASTM E84 testing standards.

The ASTM E84 surface burning test measures two variables. The Flame Spread Index and the Smoke Developed Index. Materials in Class A will not burn or smoke much while materials in Class C will burn and smoke heavily.

Acoustic foam ASTM E84 test results:

  • Flame Spread Index = 25
  • Smoke Developed Index = 250

This means that the studio foam will smoke and smolder but will not go into flames. Once the source of fire is removed the foam will self extinguish.

The fire retardants are added directly to the foams formula and not just sprayed on afterwards.

Check with your local building codes before installing acoustic foam to make sure you are following all your local laws and ordinances.

NOTE: SoundAssured does not recommend or condone exposing our foam to open flames or sources of heat. SoundAssured will not be held liable for any injury or loss sustained from the misuse of our products. Charcoal, Burgundy, Blue, Red, Teal, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Forest Green, Brown, Plum, Kelly Green and Rosy Beige are fire rated. White foam is not fire rated. 

ASTM E84 ratings are often sufficient for meeting fire safety standards. However, due to differences between local regulations, it is imperative that you always verify acceptable use of materials with local code enforcement authorities (e.g: Fire Department) in your area before purchasing any products.


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