Can you wash acoustic foam ?


Cleaning your acoustic foam should be something you do as regular maintenance one to two times per year depending on the amount of dust that collects in your room.

In the case of stains, like if you happened to have finished a superb song and opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate thus splashing bubbly all over your acoustic foam, there are ways to wash the foam.

Routine cleaning:

Wipe the panels down with a damp cloth but do not get them wet. The foam will degrade much faster if the panels are drenched with water. However, running a damp rag over the foam will help remove dust and debris without getting the panels soaked.

Vacuum the panels. Use a shop vac or any vacuum with a wand attachment. You can also use a little handheld vacuum. Simply hover the vacuum over the foam close enough to get the dust and debris off of the panels but not too close to suck the panels into the vacuum and off of the wall.

Removing stains:

Use isopropyl alcohol. First, get a cloth and put some isopropyl alcohol on it and then rub your acoustic foam. Then, dampen another portion of the cloth with warm water and rub over the same area to remove the smell of alcohol. Finally, dry the foam with a hair dryer.

There you have it! Three simple ways to keep your acoustic foam panels clean and your room looking and sounding great! Please contact us with any questions at all or feel free to comment below with any cleaning tips you have. Take care and be well!

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How to clean acoustic foam

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Wait for a windy day to take panels down to the front yard and dust off by clapping them w/your hand.

Mikhail Finholt

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