Extra Thick Acoustic Foam Wedges - 6 Inch Thick Triangle Shape Foam Panels

Extra Thick Acoustic Foam Wedges - 6 Inch Thick Triangle Shape Foam Panels

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  • Each panel is 12x12 inches at the base and 6 inches tall. 
  • Bundle contains 36 individual foam panels. 
  • Coverage is 36 square feet

    These panels are designed for absorbing high, mid and low frequency sound waves and have the highest NRC of our foam panels. 

    Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Ratings:

    noise reduction coefficient nrc ratings for 12x12x6 inch acoustic panels 

    This design was showcased at the MET in NYC during the Play It Loud exhibit! 

    Terrific Noise Reduction! These very thick sound absorbing panels are used to control the full frequency spectrum and trap echoes. They work great for sound dampening in any room!
    Easy To Install! Acoustical foam can be applied for permanent or temporary use. We suggest our Acoustic Foam Adhesive Square 24 Pack (available here) You can also use 3M General Purpose 45 adhesive spray, strong double sided tape, or 3M Command Strips, (not included).
    TIP! For non-permanent placement mount the foam to cardboard or coroplast board. Then, this constructed panel can be hung with minimal damage. You can also take the panel with you if you move!

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      ** Please note these panels are cut to order. Please allow 5-10 days for processing your order prior to shipping. **


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