That Home Theater Dude Acoustic Foam Bundle

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Bundle includes:
  • 48 sq ft 4" Wedge Panels (12"x12"x4")
  • 48 sq ft 4" Pyramid Panels  (12"x12"x4")
  • 4 pack Bass Traps (12"x12"x24")

If you plan to build your own home theater, these bundles are perfect! Our foam is made right here in the USA and is of professional quality, specially designed for sound absorption!
home theater acoustic treatment setup with acoustic foam panels

Acoustic panels will increase the sound clarity in your home theater by absorbing echoes and other sound waves, thus decreasing the reverberation time in the room! Bass traps absorb the long low-end frequency waves so you can crank up your sub without annoying boominess!

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Helps with noise reduction. Acoustic panels in combination with bass traps are used to control the full frequency spectrum!
Affordable solution. Create a great sounding home theater with the best value noise reduction products!
Effective design that is easy to install. Acoustic panels along with bass traps ensures optimum sound absorbency. Your foam can be applied for permanent or temporary use. 
Made in USA & Class-A Fire Retardant. Our acoustic foam is Class A (Self Extinguishing) rating for ASTM E 84.

    Take your sound to the next level with SoundAssured! We are dedicated to integrity and promise to deliver quality products and customer service.

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    Acoustic foam FAQ 


    We suggest our Acoustic Foam Adhesive Square 24 Pack. You can also use 3M General Purpose 45 Adhesive Spray, push pins, strong double sided tape, Liquid Nails, or 3M Command Strips, (not included).


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