Why Does My Voice Sound Different In A Microphone ?

Why does your voice sound different when you record it through a microphone

Do you ever wonder why your voice as you hear it everyday sounds different from when you record with a microphone or in a video?

When you speak, a sound signal is produced and energy travels across the room but the air does not. Only the disturbance within the air is travelling across the room. If it was air being transported then it would be called wind.

This is why we call sound signals, “waves” because they can transfer energy through a medium without moving the medium itself. Medium is simply the material or substance through which a sound wave travels. The primary medium is air but can also include water, metal, wood, or even human flesh.

When you speak to someone your ear picks up the signal through two contributions. The first is the signal coming out of your mouth, through the air and into your ear. The second is the signal travelling through your head into your ear.

If you record your voice into a microphone the only part recorded is the signal coming out of your mouth, through the air and into the microphone. This is what others hear when you speak. It may sound weird or different to you as first but this is what you always sound like to your friends and family.

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