Making The Most Of Your Room - Simple Recording Tip

The room plays an extremely important role in the sound that ends up being recorded when you are tracking vocals or instruments. Unless you are blessed with an amazing sounding room then you will need to make proper adjustments to get the most out of your instruments or vocal cords. 

Here are 3 quick ways to get more out of your imperfect room.

1. Place acoustic sound absorbers in "live" spots of the room. Find our acoustic foam panels here

2. Use sound reflectors in "dead" areas of the room

3. Record with a spot mic

For example, if your recording space is an unfinished basement with concrete walls and floors you will need some sound absorbers to help deaden the reverberations from sound bouncing off the floor and walls.

On the other hand, if your recording space is a spare bedroom with thick carpet you could add some sound diffusers or reflectors near the ground levels and then add some sound absorbers on the ceiling. 

Using a spot mic is a creative way to find a sweet spot in your room. Move the mic around the room as well as the sound source. Listen to the nuances in sound when recorded from different parts of the room then choose the spot that best fits your need.

Check out our sound absorbing acoustic foam HERE.

Please contact us with any questions about your recording space! We would love to help you out!

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