DIY Vocal Booth For Home Studio

One of our customers, Allan, did such a great job with his homemade vocal booth we just had to share it with you! 

Allan built the booth because he is a professional voice actor and is really good! To check out his work CLICK HERE.

Below is all credit to Allan Tate. Thanks so much for sharing this spectacular homemade booth with us! You rock!

Vocal Booth

Homemade vocal booth in a corner of the boiler room of my basement. I made it mostly with leftover materials except for the acoustic tile and electronics. The old tapestry belonged to my mom. Although stained and slightly damaged, it works well here.


Headphone holder

I made the headphone stand from an antique, hand-carved cane that belonged to my Uncle Harry. He brought it back from Africa when I was a kid. It is no longer functional, but with a little jaw surgery it has a new purpose in life.

Ceiling & back wall

The ceiling is made a piece of leftover 1/2 inch foam core mounted on scrap wood from my deck that I repurposed as furring strips. I added electric service and mounted this inexpensive LED lamp. The back wall is a hanging panel wrapped with an industrial blanket to close the remaining gaps. The panel is very light because it is made of 2 inch foam core framed with scrap partical board.

Back when not in use

The back panel is easy to remove and then the blanket folds up neat. On the top left you can see the main beam holding up my house. Behind the blanket I mounted a 1 inch black pipe and hung sleeping bags, winter cloths, and other stuff that we store in the basement. This had the side benefit of being a storage improvement.


Left Wall

The left wall is just a piece of leftover plywood. The desk and audio interface stand are made of leftover wood.


Right Wall

I extended the right wall with a removable panel. Like the hanging panel, it's just 2 inch foam core framed with leftover particle board.


After using the booth for a couple of weeks, I added a little table to hold my keyboard and mouse. Makes recording A LOT easier. Little things...

Credit: Allan Tate

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