Why Use Acoustic Treatment ? The Difference In Sound In An Untreated Room Vs Treated Room


Rooms without acoustic treatment that have bare walls and hard surfaces often produce sound containing flutter echoes and standing waves causing distorted sound. These rooms can often sound boomy making it impossible to get a good recording or sometimes even hard to understand conversations.

Adding sound treatment like absorbers and diffusers is a great way to increase the sound clarity and dampen echoes.

Some benefits of sound treatment are:

  • Better sound clarity!
  • Eliminate flutter echoes & standing waves!
  • Decrease reverberation time!
  • Dampen high, mid and low frequency sound waves!
  • A more enjoyable room!

Acoustic treatment used in video:

  • Fabric curtains pulled over windows
  • 8 square feet of 2 inch thick wedge foam on back wall
  • 4 square feet of 3 inch wedge foam on ceiling
  • 1 bass trap in back corner (12"x12"x24")
  • 58 square feet wedge foam on front wall
    • 8 x 3 inch thick
    • 30 x 2 inch thick
    • 20 x 1 inch thick


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