White Acoustic Foam For Sale

White acoustic foam panels have always been something our customers asked for since day one. The formulation of white sound foam was hard to get right due to the color and getting a formula that would not have a tendency to turn yellow. After a few years we finally found a great supplier for white acoustic foam!

Our white acoustic panels are only available on Amazon for the time being as we have very limited inventory. They are sold in small packs as listed below.

Click here to purchase yours today!

1 inch thick - sold in packs of 6

1 inch thick white acoustic foam panel

2 inch thick - sold in packs of 4

2 inch thick white acoustic foam panel

3 inch thick - sold in packs of 2

3 inch thick white acoustic foam panel

4 inch thick - sold in packs of 2

4 inch thick white acoustic foam panel

White Bass Traps

white acoustic foam bass trap


Click here to view our white acoustic foam on Amazon!


We also offer 13 other colors of acoustic foam! Shop here!

acoustic foam colors to choose from


If you still have questions we are glad to help you! Please contact us anytime or fill out our free acoustic room analysis!


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