Acoustic Foam Sheets vs Smaller Panels

Acoustic Panels Sizes

We provide a variety of panel sizes including acoustic foam sheets, and often receive questions about the differences between them. Our popular available sizes include:

  • 12x12 inches
  • 24x24 inches
  • 24x48 inches
  • 48x72 inches (full sheets)

SoundAssured Panel Sizes - 4 inch thick acoustic foam

These panels come in both wedge and pyramid styles and are offered in various thicknesses and colors to suit your needs.

We also accommodate custom sizes upon request, with the largest possible dimension being a full sheet at 48x72 inches. 

It's crucial to understand that, regardless of the panel size, all share the same sound absorption ratings. Therefore, when selecting the appropriate material for your space, the key factor to consider is the thickness, as this directly impacts the material's sound absorption capabilities. 

Watch the quick video below or click here to learn more about acoustic foam thickness.

Benefits Of Acoustic Foam Sheets

Streamlined Installation For Large Coverage Areas

One of the main benefits of larger acoustic foam sheets is the ease of installation. Although larger in size, foam sheets offer a straightforward installation process.

With fewer pieces to align and secure, the overall time and effort required to install the acoustic treatment is reduced. This can be particularly beneficial in larger projects where time and labor costs are a consideration. Additionally, the simplicity of working with fewer, larger pieces can decrease the potential for installation errors, ensuring a smoother, more efficient setup process.

Check out the below picture. August Green Designs used acoustic foam sheets to cover a large area inside of a sound stage. The larger foam sheets where much easier to install then a bunch of 12x12 inch modular panels. This saved them time (and money) on the install! 

august green designs - soundstage created with acoustic panelling

Aesthetic Appeal Of Larger Sheets

Larger sheets provide a seamless look, minimizing visible seams and creating a more aesthetically pleasing installation that can blend smoothly. Covering a large area with 12x12 inch panels can be more challenging to install.

Customizable Installation

For projects needing extensive coverage in areas with intricate layouts, there's no cause for concern. Acoustic foam is simple to trim to your specifications. An electric kitchen knife is ideal for precise cuts, though scissors are also effective. If you have access to a band saw, it can be used for smooth results.

Specialty Acoustic Foam Sheets

We provide specialty acoustic foam sheets, available in grid or egg crate styles. These unique designs not only enhance sound absorption but also add a distinctive aesthetic touch to any space, blending functionality with style. These panels are cut using a convoluter machine rather than a CNC machine.

Grid Style Acoustic Sheets

Check out the sleek appearance of our grid style panels below in a recording studio setting. Their sleek design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the studio but also contributes to a professional and cutting-edge environment, perfectly complementing the creative process. These panels offer both visual and acoustic benefits, making any recording space look as good as it sounds.

Grid style acoustic foam sheets installed inside of a recording studio

Egg Crate Style Acoustic Foam Sheets

Egg crate acoustic foam stands as one of the foundational acoustic foam designs, known for its textured appearance. It provides an effective balance of sound absorption and aesthetic appeal, enhancing any space with its distinctive look while significantly improving acoustic quality.

egg crate acoustic foam for sound absorption

Benefits Of Smaller Acoustic Panels

Spot Treatment

The concept of spot treatment with smaller acoustic panels is a remarkably effective method for addressing specific problem areas within a room that are prone to high levels of reflection or echo. These compact panels offer the precision needed for targeted acoustic correction.

Whether it's a closet door that's bouncing sound in undesirable ways or a section of wall directly opposite a sound source, these smaller panels can be strategically placed to absorb sound exactly where it's needed. This targeted application is not only efficient but also highly effective in fine-tuning the acoustic environment of a space.

Spreading Panels Out To Get More Coverage For Cheaper

Using smaller 12x12" acoustic panels strategically spread out across a space offers a cost-effective solution for achieving broader coverage without breaking the bank. This approach maximizes the surface area affected by sound treatment, providing significant acoustic improvements while maintaining budget-friendly project costs.

Take a look at Chris's drum room setup below. He strategically placed the smaller panels across the wall to extend coverage, then arranged them into a checkerboard pattern on the ceiling for a unique design touch.

spot treatment with small 12x12" acoustic panels inside of a drum room

Customizable Layouts

 The flexibility of smaller panels allows for an exciting mix-and-match approach, enabling the combination of different colors and orientations to achieve a look that is uniquely tailored to individual preferences and the aesthetic of the room.

Whether arranging panels in geometric patterns, creating a gradient of hues, or assembling them to form a visual centerpiece, these smaller acoustic treatments provide an opportunity to enhance both the visual and auditory experience of a space.

This level of customization not only contributes to the acoustic effectiveness of the panels but also elevates the overall design, making it a versatile option for those looking to balance functionality with personalized style.

Check out the cool design below from the back wall of a control room. 

 acoustic foam wedge panels on the back wall of a recording studio

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Full line of acoustic foam!

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