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Acoustic Fabric - Perfect For DIY Acoustic Panels! - Acoustically Transparent Fabric By The Yard

Acoustic Fabric - Perfect For DIY Acoustic Panels! - Acoustically Transparent Fabric By The Yard

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SoundAssured acoustical fabric is ideal for creating your own fabric wrapped acoustic panels for sound dampening!

This fabric is specially designed to let sound waves through so the interior of the panel can do its job, and absorb sound! This special fabric is easy on the eye and built to last! 

  • High end quality acoustically transparent fabric. 
  • Professional grade.
  • Loose enough to let sound waves through but tight enough to keep fibers inside.

Our fabric rolls are 1.5 meters wide and are sold by the yard. 

Below is a chart showing the dimensions of each piece. 

Width Length
Yards 1.6 1.0
Feet 4.9 3.0
Inches 59.1 36.0
CM 150.0 91.4
M 1.5 0.9

+- 1 inch of size tolerance. 

This specialty fabric is used in making acoustic panels, acoustic walls, and other use cases where you need fabric that is acoustically transparent. This fabric is designed for interior use only. 

Our acoustically transparent fabric has additional applications, such as speaker fabric and fabric for guitar amps!

  • fabric content: 100% Polyester
  • production method: weaving/dyeing
  • density: 240GSM 

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dave vocal booth with soundassured acoustical fabric

Picture above is a portable vocal booth made using our acoustic fabric! Thanks to Dave from (Instagram: @voiceoversbydave). Check out his amazing work!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Gadow
This is the Fabric you are looking for...

This fabric is head and shoulders above the alternatives - and I've tried most...(they will even cut a custom size if necessary. Try that with the others. thanks Phil )...and the different colors make customizing even easier. the fabric is a tighter weave than the standard burlap stuff, with a nice liner too. It has a nice feel (heft), (luxurious), a great look, and the customer service has been'll happy using this fabric for your studio sound panels.

Perfect for Acoustic Panels

This fabric made a beautiful facing for the custom acoustic panels I built. Definitely recommend for anyone looking to use it in this way or for a speaker cab.

Richard Kirk
The best I’ve used

This fabric looks great and having the attached liner really sets it apart. It was a big upgrade from burlap.