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Drum Damper Gel Pads

Drum Damper Gel Pads

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SoundAssured 18 piece drum damper gel pads.

These handy little sticky pads make it very easy for you to control your drum sound whether you are recording in the studio or playing a live show. The pads stick to your drum head with ease and will help eliminate overtones of the drum making the sound more clear and less reverberant.


- Control unwanted tones on your tom drums and snare drums.

- Very strong adhesive that will not easily fall off or tear.

- Top of the gel pad is smooth so your dog hair and dust does not collect on it.

- Reusable and washable. Simply rinse with water and let air dry for cleaning.

- Almost invisible on your drums so it does not interfere with your playing.

Color: Clear

Dimension: 1.25”x 1” per gel pad

Package includes 18 pieces of drum damper gel pads (clear)

Note: Drum gel pads only, Drums or drum sticks are not included.


DRUMMERS CHOICE - Beginner drummers and professional drummers love our drum damper gel pads because they are rugged, stick well to the drum head, leave no residue, can be cleaned, and help you get the best sound from your drums!

18 PACK - This bundle includes 18 drum silencer pads. Get more for your money with our professional grade soft clear drum gels! Dimension: 1.25”x 1” per gel pad.

LEAVES NO RESIDUE - Our drum damper gel pads leave no residue on your drum heads and do not collect dust or pet hair like other leading brands!

SUPERIOR QUALITY - Our drum dampener gel pads are the highest quality and come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Drum gel pads are must have drum accessories for all drummers!

HIGHLY VERSATILE - These drum damper gel pads help to control unwanted overtones on your toms and snare drums whether you’re playing live or in the studio. SoundAssured drum gel pads are your best choice for all drum sound dampening.