Where To Place Acoustic Diffusers In A Room

Acoustic diffusers are used to treat echoes and reflections. Unlike acoustic foam panels that are designed to absorb sound waves at different frequencies, acoustic diffusers are designed to scatter sound waves.

Acoustic absorbers and diffusers both treat echoes and standing waves, but absorption panels will have a dampening effect while diffusion panels will maintain a more lively sound.

Diffusers are often used in combination with sound absorbing panels and bass traps in order to get the desired sound in your room. 

how do acoustic diffusers work

Where to place acoustic diffusers?

Acoustic diffusers are placed at the reflection points in your room.

reflection points for acoustic diffuser placement

For a recording studio the most common reflection points for diffuser placement are at the back wall or on the ceiling between the listening position and the sound source.

Recording Studio Example

recording studio acoustic treatment example

  1. Acoustic diffusers on back wall to scatter first reflections from monitors.
  2. Acoustic diffusers on ceiling to scatter first reflections from monitors.
  3. Acoustic foam panels on side wall to absorb first reflections and lower reverberation time.
  4. Acoustic foam panels on wall behind monitors to absorb first reflections.
  5. Bass traps in upper corners to dampen low end frequencies and prevent standing waves.
  6. Monitor isolation pads to absorb vibration from your monitors.

If you need help figuring out where to place your acoustic diffusers please contact us so we can help you!

How to install acoustic diffusers?

white PVC acoustic diffuser panel

Lightweight acoustic diffusers can be mounted for permanent or temporary use. 

Permanent adhesives 

Temporary adhesive 

wooden acoustic diffuser

Heavy acoustic diffusers like wooden skyline diffusers are trickier to hang, but with the right tools you can get the job done.

Z-clips work great for mounting these diffusers to the wall.

Another name for z-clip is french cleat (shown below). 

BIGTEDDY - 6" French Cleat Picture Installing Diffuser

If you still have questions we are glad to help you! Please contact us anytime!


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Hey, great article. I was wondering if diffusers were just for getting a more accurate sound when mixing, or if they actually make a difference when recording. I have a lot of trouble in the low ends when I eq and I am building bass traps for the corners. I’m more concerned with recording than mixing and I was hoping you had advice. Thanks for any feedback!


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