Can your neighbors hear your dog bark?

Can your neighbors hear your dog bark?

Do you live in an apartment or condo and have a dog that barks or whines? Do your neighbors give you weird looks when they see you out walking your pup? Maybe they have even left notes on your door?

Everyone deserves to have a loving furry companion at home, but those who live by us should not have to suffer because our loyal canine likes to make themselves heard. Dogs can be especially loud when you leave due to separation anxiety, genetic predispositions, fear, or boredom. Some dogs even bark as a command, demanding that you come back to play… “How dare you do anything else than throw this tennis ball!”

For whatever reason a dog is barking, there are a few solutions available for you to try!

1. Get a toy that you give your dog only when you are leaving. Make this toy special and different from regular play toys. Using a KongTM stuffed with peanut butter is a great idea for this use. You can even put the peanut butter stuffed toy into the freezer to make it last longer when you leave.

2. Put on some music or leave your TV on for your dog to listen so it blocks out any sound. When you are home there is a lot of noise being made; your dog is not used to complete silence. The music or TV offers comforting noises while you are away.

3. Close the curtains. Not only will the curtains muffle the outside noise they will also keep the area dark which provides a calming effect for your canine. If you do not have curtains try using a sheet or a blanket to cover the windows.

If you try all these things and your pup still insists on yapping then there is another option which will reduce the barking sound from escaping your apartment or condo. Acoustic foam panels can be applied to interior walls to help absorb sound and eliminate noise complaints from your neighbors.

These panels can be installed permanently with spray adhesive, strong double sided tape, or 3M adhesive squares. You can also install temporarily with push pins. 

Read this review for my product on Amazon written by “Doggie Momma”. I was never aware of this use for acoustic foam until this wonderful customer brought it to my attention.

5.0 out of 5 stars Happy with purchase, July 9, 2016
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This review is from: Soundproofing Acoustic Studio Foam - Wedge Style Panels - 12"x12"x1" Tiles - 6 Pack - DIY (Electronics)
I live in a condo. My little dog barks when I leave him. These really soundproofed my room. No one can hear my dog bark when he's in the room with these. YAY! Great product. Problem solved!
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