Acoustic Treatment For Youtube Channel - Echo Reduction

youtube studio with acoustic treatment - before and after

Featuring World Of Monsters TV!

Do you have problems with echo when recording for your Youtube channel?

No need to worry! There is a simple fix that is easy to install on your own and is light on your pocketbook! 

Echo elimination and reverb reduction can be accomplished by placing acoustical absorbers in the room where you are recording Youtube videos.

What causes echo?

Echo is caused by sound bouncing off of flat surfaces in a room. Many modern homes and buildings use drywall for the walls and ceilings. This hard and flat surface causes awful echo and reverberation especially in rooms with parallel walls (which is basically every room).

When sound is created it travels from the sound source, and when the wave reaches a boundary like a wall it will react in different ways depending on the nature of the boundary. 

Below is an example of three ways a sound wave will react when coming in contact with a surface. 

Reflection, diffusion and absorption of sound


Sound bounces off a surface. This occurs on flat and hard surfaces like drywall, hardwood floors, concrete and brick. The sound wave is deflected because it cannot penetrate or pass through the material. This creates echoes. 


Sound is absorbed by soft and porous materials like acoustic foam, an area rug or curtains. When a sound wave comes in contact with an absorptive material the sound energy is converted to a small amount of heat energy causing the sound to decay much faster.  


When a sound wave hits an uneven surface like a bookcase or acoustic diffuser, the wave breaks up and is scattered. The scattered sound waves have much less energy per wave and will decay faster than a reflected sound wave. 


How do you eliminate echo?

Echo can be eliminated from your Youtube studio by adding acoustic absorption like our acoustic foam panels!

The amount of acoustic treatment you need depends on the size of your room. Use our acoustic foam room calculator to find how much you need.  

The addition of acoustic absorption in the room causes sound to decay much faster which eliminates echoes as well as lowering the reverberation time in your room!

Arthur from World Of Monsters TV on Youtube was having problems with too much echo in his Youtube videos. After installing acoustic panels and bass traps in his room the echo problem was solved!

He was kind enough to take some before and after recordings and pictures for us!

Check out the clap test results below. After acoustic treatment the sound decays more than twice as fast!

before and after acoustic treatment - clap test results

As you can clearly see, the addition of acoustic foam makes the room much less lively sounding and increases sound clarity dramatically!

Here are some before and after pics of Arthur's Youtube video creation room.

before and after acoustic treatment in youtube studio 1

before and after acoustic treatment in youtube studio 2


This room was treated with our EXO Bundle A.


Other acoustic absorbers we offer include:


If you have question about treating your room please Contact Us or fill out our Free Acoustics Room Analysis!

Good luck!


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