Acoustic Foam Room Calculator

Enter the dimensions of your room below in FEET 

Normal Treatment

Wall Coverage / # Square Feet Needed

Example Spaces:
School Gymnasiums
Coworking Spaces

Heavy Treatment

Wall Coverage / # Square Feet Needed

Example Spaces:
Recording Studios 
Jam Rooms
Home Theaters
Broadcast/Podcast Spaces

Light Treatment 

Wall Coverage / # Square Feet Needed

Example Spaces:
Play Rooms / Gaming Rooms
Gyms / Workout Rooms
Conference Room

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  • Hi Ainsley, yes I can help. Please send some pictures to … Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi, I am interested in getting a bundle tailored for my room. I want to send pictures as to get guidance on how many and what type of panels I should invest it. Thanks

    Ainsley Morgan
  • Is there any way I could send a picture of my room for tips on acoustic treatment. Looking to get an order for my room.

  • Hello Elias, to use the acoustic room calculator please enter the length, width, and height of your room in feet. Then click “calculate”. Your recommendations will be shown on the page. A light treatment is 8-10% coverage, normal treatment is 15-20% coverage, and heavy treatment is 25-35% coverage. If you have any other questions at all about treating your room feel free to email

  • How it work your room calculator?


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