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My home theater room size almost the same like the YouTube video from EXOcontralto for How to install acoustic foam panels with NO Echo for Home Theater sound treatment. Details is the room is square with 11 feet-6, ceiling is 7 feet- 11. On the video YouTube there is a sofa, in my home theater room behind the sofa is the sliding mirror for the closet, the width of the sliding mirror is 47 inch, length 78 inch for each sliding mirror, for your information I will not put any foams panel on the mirror. I opened the sliding mirror with the gap each side 23 inch. I need advice from you, how many acoustic foam panels should I need for that room which also to make excellent sound because I am using Klipsch the Soundbar Cinema 1200 Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 for the home theater?

Thank you for your help.

Haryani McCullough


I’m looking to treat a 13 ft length, 17 ft width, 15 ft high room, the concern is that the ceiling is on a slant with the 15 ft side being the highest and the lower side at 9 ft. I don’t want to cover every inch of the place either.

Anthony Pack

Building a Dawbox 4×6×7 booth. looking at the 24×48 panels. How many?

Randy Duncan

Hey Kenneth, thanks so much for reaching out. The amount of coverage you need will depend on room usage. I’ll send you and email to follow up and find more about your room. Thanks so much! – Phil


I’m looking to get placement and enough acoustic treatment for a 14 ft length, 12ft wt. 10ft high.

Kenneth lane

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