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Normal Treatment

Wall Coverage / # Square Feet Needed

Example Spaces:
School Gymnasiums
Coworking Spaces

Heavy Treatment

Wall Coverage / # Square Feet Needed

Example Spaces:
Recording Studios 
Jam Rooms
Home Theaters
Broadcast/Podcast Spaces

Light Treatment 

Wall Coverage / # Square Feet Needed

Example Spaces:
Play Rooms / Gaming Rooms
Gyms / Workout Rooms
Conference Room

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  • I have 2 questions, 1st are you shipping now? 2 If I send you the dimensions of my theater or a couple pic’s with it the dimensions, would you recommend product and quantity I won’t hold you or you company responsible, I think your quest is a lot better than mind, Thank You!

  • For normal treatment for a room of size 12.98×12.38×10.29high – should i use Acoustic bundle B or A – i would like to go for normal treatment. Also can you ship this to canada to toronto & what will be the shipping cost ?

  • Hi Ainsley, yes I can help. Please send some pictures to … Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi, I am interested in getting a bundle tailored for my room. I want to send pictures as to get guidance on how many and what type of panels I should invest it. Thanks

    Ainsley Morgan
  • Is there any way I could send a picture of my room for tips on acoustic treatment. Looking to get an order for my room.


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