QuadCORK® ECOIso Natural Cork Sound Absorbent Panels by Jocavi

QuadCORK® ECOIso Natural Cork Sound Absorbent Panels by Jocavi

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Pack of 18 units of QCK 1.6" thick 9.8"x9.8" cork tiles (1.125m2)


  • NRC: (0.42/m2 - 40mm) (0.53/m2 - 60mm)
  • Fire class: Euroclass E - EN 13501-1
  • No release of toxic gases
  • 25x25cm easy to mount tiles
  • Thermal, acoustic and anti-vibration insulation material
  • Density: 120Kg / m3
  • Level of sound insulation: RW 52dB
  • Renewable and 100% natural raw-material
  • Thermal conductivity coefficient / Specific heat:: 0.040 W/m.k(ë ) EN 12667 D
  • Natural industrial process (without additives)
  • Unlimited durability, no loss of features
  • Fully recyclable


Following an ecological philosophy, JOCAVI® has designed this product made exclusively of cork from cork oak trees. Its industrial process is 100% natural. QuadCORK® is an anti-vibration insulation and acoustic treatment product with a high degree of thermal insulation as well. The outstanding behaviour of the Expanded Cork Agglomerate, in terms of insulation and dimensional elasticity and its controlled porosity and density, delivers excellent acoustic performances to reduce sound levels by structure-born transmissionand to reduce airborne noise and reverberation time. QuadCORK® is thus the practical, efficient and ecological solution for a good acoustic insulation and treatment. It is meant to be applied on continuous surfaces or on selected spots. It comes in 25cm x 25cm mosaics that are simply glued to the surfaces, walls and ceilings. QuadCORK® is simply made of cork as its raw-material, without additives..., and is bonded with its own resin. 90% of the energy consumption is made up of biomass, the waste of its industrial process, granules and dust. It is fully reusable.

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