Glow In The Dark Instrument Cable - 20 Foot Long

Glow In The Dark Instrument Cable - 20 Foot Long

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The Original GlowCable
  • Our instrument cables come with a 1-year manufacture warranty. It is easy to pick the right cord with SoundAssured.
  • Ensure top notch sound quality with our high density braided shield, a conductor made of 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC), and rugged quarter inch plugs.
  • Our versatile cables come in 10ft and 20ft sizes. Our 10’ guitar cables have straight plugs, while the 20 footers have one right angle plug and one straight.
  • The GlowCable is the first electric guitar cable of its kind that GLOWS IN THE DARK! A great gift for any guitar player! Our cables will glow bright at night after being charged by the natural sunlight or a lamp! Patent Pending.
  • Take your sound to the next level with SoundAssured! We are dedicated to integrity and promise to deliver quality products and customer service.

As a musician, you need to stand out. Imagine yourself on stage. Your cable glows from your guitar to your amp. No chance of tripping as you storm across stage.

This will be your brightest, best sounding cable ever. 

Non-toxic glow in the dark technology gives this cable a unique feature. High quality design provides great tone with no noise. This cable is great for many uses including electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, and more. Whether you need a cable for practice, recording, touring, or for a gift, The Original GlowCable is sure to please.

No batteries or power source is required making this a truly "green" glow. Our special formula only requires sunlight, or simply a lamp to charge. Black lights will also enhance the glowing effect. 

This is the perfect gift for any guitar player!


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Available in 10 foot too!

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